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Monday, 15 August 2016


Exciting news! Candy Jar author and children's poet Brian Moses is once again entertaining the masses, this time by hosting an event at Westwood Cross Shopping Centre in the Isle of Thanet. The area is particularly special to Brian, home to his childhood seaside town of Ramsgate that inspired his new children's book Keeping Clear of Paradise Street.  Brian will be in Waterstones at the shopping centre between 12 and 2 pm on the 20th August and will be performing extracts from his poetry and percussion show. No ticket is required - just turn up and enjoy the show!


Brian is is a dedicated and tireless advocate for spreading his love of poetry and literature across all age ranges, especially to children. In collaboration with Candy Jar Books, Brian launched a UK wide Noisy Poetry Competition;  an endeavor created to instill a passion for poetry in children across the nation, and with countless brilliant entries and responses, it's safe to say it was a big success! 

If you want to learn more about this incredible author, Brian's book is available to buy from the candy jar webstore, as well as from other good retailers.

Remember to check back into the Candy Jar Blog to see what exciting new launches and authors we have coming up, and you can also follow us on all the links below!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Coming Soon - Connecting Who!


Candy Jar Books is thrilled to announce the release of Connecting Who: Artificial Beingsa Doctor Who reference book. And, for a limited time, all pre-orders of the book will receive a free copy of the celebrated third instalment to the Lethbridge-Stewart series Beast of Fang Rock!

Written by Peter Grehan, this authoritative book is a perfect read for those who want to delve deeper into the hidden mysteries and secrets of the Doctor Who universe.

Peter says: “Imagine Doctor Who as a tree trunk that keeps growing taller and taller, fed by roots that reach down into history, mythology, psychology, folktales, religion, science and the wealth of science fiction that exists in the world. It’s not surprising therefore to find that Doctor Who connects with a lot of other stuff. “

Connecting Who: Artificial Beings examines some of these connections; specifically in regards to those artificial beings (clever computers, robots, androids and cyborgs) we find in Doctor Who.

The book investigates artificial beings such as the Cybermen, Daleks, Autons, Weeping Angels, Gangers, Morbius, Xoanon and the Yeti, making connections to literary and scientific sources.

Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar Books, feels that this new release offers a fresh perspective on the Doctor’s travels through space and time. He says: “Peter has been a fan of Doctor Who since day one and his take on the Whoniverse offers a personal outlook on growing up with the series. His childhood love of robots coincided with the introduction of the Daleks and, despite the Daleks not really being robots, their cries of exterminate cemented his love for all things Doctor Who.”

Peter is no stranger to Doctor Who, having worked as a host at the Doctor Who Experience and penning the audio drama Sontarans: Silent Warrior for BBV. He says: “In my book I have enjoyed making the connections between Doctor Who and real-life computers, robots and cyborgs. These connections run deep into culture, history and science. It is my hope that fans will not only enjoy reading my book, but begin to connect the dots themselves.”

Connecting Who: Artificial Beings is exclusively available to pre-order from www.candyjarbooks.co.uk. All pre-orders come with a free copy of Lethbridge-Stewart: Beast of Fang Rock. 

Find out more about the Lethbridge-Stewart series at its own website:  https://lethbridgestewartnovels.wordpress.com/

Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy 95th Birthday Eileen!

Candy Jar is delighted to be able to say "Happy 95th Birthday!" to the incredible Eileen Younghusband today. Reaching such a golden age is only one of the formidable achievements this lady had made throughout her time, and we'd like to take this opportunity to share a few more today!

Aged 16, Eileen joined the Women's Auxilliary Air Force in 1941 in one of the top secret roles: Clerk Special Duties. She and her co-workers had to sign the Official Secrets Act, preventing them from telling their families and friends about the work they did in the unknown Filter Rooms.

In the war years that followed, Eileen proved herself and went further and further up the ranks, becoming one of the youngest Filterer Officers ever. Any historic event, from the Little Boats of Dunkirk to the time Winston Churchill accidentally flew in without his "IFF" (Information Friend or Foe) signal - Eileen Younghusband was there.

On June 6th 1944, Eileen was working on shift during Operation Neptune, the code name for the D-Day landings of Allied Forces on the French coast and celebrated the success with her co-workers.

On September 8th 1944, Eileen received the "Big Ben" alert, indicating the first V2 rocket launch from Germany against London - one of the most iconic moments in history.

Credit: Warren Allott
On November 16th 1944, Eileen was sent onwards to Second Tactical Air Force in Beligum, gifted the task of working within a highly specialised team to detect the V2 rocket launchers until June 1945.

When VE Day arrived, and Germany had been defeated, Eileen's job wasn't at an end. She was sent to Breendonk, a liberated concentration camp, where she was instructed to act as a guide and translator to RAF officers sent there to learn of the horrors thathad occurred.

In the post-war years, Eileen has remained an unstoppable force. Aged 87, Eileen achieved one of her life's ambitions of attaining a university degree, and remains an active campaigner for health and education. Due to the Official Secrets Act, for 30 years after the war Eileen's story remained a secret from all she knew; her friends,  her family, and even her husband Peter Younghusband whom she married in 1945 and their son Clive Younghusband, born 1946.

It wasn't until 2011 when Eileen published her first war-time autobiography that her story, and the story of thousands of other women, was told.

One Woman's War went on to win the People's Book Prize 2012/13, and has become a widely recognised authority on the realities of war-time Britain and the role of of the women in the Filter Rooms in the Second World War.

Now, Eileen feels that it's time to share her story with the younger generation. Launched today, on her 95th birthday, Candy Jar is honoured to announce the publication of Eileen's third book Eileen's War.

As veterans gradually age and pass away, many of them taking their memories with them, Eileen sees her children’s memoir as her ‘legacy’ book. She says: “I think it is really important to engage with young people about World War II. It’s a pivotal moment in our history. I feel my book helps to make a sense of the insecurities we all face at the moment. In truth I am not going to be around forever, but if my story can live on from generation to generation this will be wonderful.”

Eileen continues: “When I wrote One Woman’s War I wanted to shine a light on the work done by the women of the Filter Room. At the time our position in history had almost been forgotten. Now I am so proud that the women’s contribution has been acknowledged.”

Once again, Eileen tells the story of the Second World War with frank and charming voice, peppered with hilarious anecdotes of a young girl who found herself in the middle of it all. Eileen's War is the legacy of an inspiring true story which will live on. Fans of Roald Dah's Boy and Flying Solo, and Jennifor Worth's Call The Midwife will love Eileen's latest memoir. You can order yours today here.

From everybody here at Candy Jar Books, we're so proud to be able to celebrate and share the work of one incredible golden lady. Her ambition, drive and outlook on life inspires each of us here, and we're delighted for Eileen Younghusband to be a friend of Candy Jar Books.

Happy Birthday Eileen, you are a true hero. 

Friday, 27 May 2016


Candy Jar's young adult book The Search For Mister Lloyd written by Griff Rowland has become the fortieth winner of the Tir na n-Og Awards.

In April the shortlist for the 2016 Tir na n-Og Award was announced - the fortieth consecutive year of the prestigious Welsh literature award – and displayed a vast wealth of fantasatic books by talented authors across Wales. One such talented author was our very own Welsh television director Griff Rowland, shortlisted for his debut young adult novel The Search For Mister Lloyd.

Now, we are delighted to announce that The Search for Mister Lloyd was named the winner!! The announcement was made during the CILIP Cymru Library and Information Conference on Thursday 26th May.

Griff Rowland said: “I’m absolutely delighted that my book has been recognised for such an important Welsh award.”

As a winner of the Tir na n-Og Award, Griff is in impressive company. Previous winners of the English-language award include Merlin's Magical Creatures by Graham Howells, The Grey King by Susan Cooper, The Candle Man by Catherine Fisher, Cowgirl by Giancarlo Gemin, Welsh Cakes and Custard by Wendy White, Tree of Leaf and Flame by Daniel Morden and Full Moon by Jenny Sullivan.

Set against the background of the Welsh town of Bangor, The Search For Mister Lloyd has been called “a tale that draws you in from the start and never lets you go", beginning when 11 year-old Mostyn Price’s beloved racing pigeon Mister Lloyd fails to return from his very first race.

“Where do you even begin to search for your lost pigeon? Of course you put up LOST posters, pinning them to as many tree trunks as possible and handing them out to people in the street, but it’s not like you can actually look for a pigeon... or can you?

When Mister Lloyd fails to return home from his first international race, Mostyn Price, a young pigeon fancier from North Wales, is inconsolable. His grandfather presumes Mister Lloyd has been devoured by a falcon but Mostyn is hell-bent on proving him wrong, determined to conquer his sense of loss, especially as his own dad also vanished a few years earlier.

A mysterious tip-off suggests Mister Lloyd has landed in London and the search shifts to the metropolis where the 11-year-old hero finds himself increasingly isolated and in danger.” 

We're delighted that one of our talented authors has won such a fantastic and proudly Welsh award. The Tir na n-Og Award celebrates new literary titles with an authentic Welsh background written in both English and Welsh. “It’s more important than ever that publications for children and young people are exciting, attractive and of the highest quality," said Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council. "This is the way to attract children and to ensure that they become lifetime readers.”

Set in both Bangor and London, The Search For Mister Lloyd weaves Welsh phrases and names into the narrative. Griff's Welsh background and its influence runs deeply throughout yet never overpowering or undercutting the story’s unique plot. He said: “Setting the story in north Wales felt almost inevitable to me as a writer. The Welsh landscape itself, as well as the language and the culture, has been influential to me in all my work. This is an achievement that I am very proud of – it’s a real honour to receive this incredible award for my first book.”

Dubbed “a pacey modern quest story full of emotional peaks and troughs,” The Search for Mister Lloyd is a blend of heart-pounding adventure and heart-warming, relatable characters. Through the story of Mostyn and Mister Lloyd, Griff poignantly explores the complexities of family relationships and true friendships encountered by readers at all stages of life.

Griff thinks that the more adult themes of abandonment are very important to the story.  “Dealing with loss is an incredibly difficult at any age, but even more so at the age of eleven," he said. "I think that it’s important for children and young adult fiction to deal with real-life issues that might be affecting readers, and I think a lot of people will relate to what Mostyn goes through.”

Hayley Cox, senior publishing co-ordinator at Candy Jar Books, said: “The Search for Mister Lloyd is the second of our titles to be shortlisted for the Tir na n-Og Awards, but the first to win! We are delighted that Mostyn and Mister Lloyd have won over the hearts of the awarding panel, and we’re certain they will win the hearts of many more readers to come.”

“As an independent publishing company, we take a lot of pride not only in producing quality books but, just as importantly, telling engaging stories that people love by talented authors like Griff Rowland. We are all extremely proud of Griff.”

The Search For Mister Lloyd is available as paperback RRP £7.99 and also as a Kindle ebook. You can buy the book direct from Candy Jar, from Amazon, as well as other good retailers.

If you've read The Search For Mister Lloyd, let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #TheSearchForMisterLloyd

For other Candy Jar titles, check out our website www.candy-jar.co.uk and follow us to see what we're up to!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The House on March Lane - book launch & competition time!

Last Tuesday our author Michelle Briscombe launched her latest children's book The House on March Lane. The evening was held at Porthkerry County Park, Barry in the beatiful lodge cabin. We were lucky enough to be invited, and here are a few snaps!

Here's our head of publishing Shaun with the lovely Michelle Briscombe:

We had to have a group picture in the sunset... with the Porthkerry Miner:

 There was even a gorgeous giant book cake...

...which didn't exactly last long. Has a children's book ever looked tastier?

All in all we had a great time! Thanks to Michelle for inviting us to spend an evening with your lovely family and friends!

In celebration of the release of The House on March Lane, we've teamed up with Primary Times in a competition exclusively for Newsletter Subscribers!

Entry is through the Primary Times website. You need to answer just one little question:

In The House on March Lane, which two characters become involved in a dangerous secret?

Just click the card below and enter the competition!

Competition! Make a Visit to The House on March Lane

Newsletter Subscribers Exclusive* In 1836, Harriet's papa, a ship's officer on HMS Beagle, returns from a long journey at sea. On his arrival home, Harriet and her friend Lily become involved in a dangerous secret with tragic consequences. Almost two centuries later, Flora's best friend Archie experiences a ghostly encounter at her dad's reclamation and salvage yard.

Primary Times are giving away 8 copies to the lucky winners, but if you miss out, The House on March Lane is out now and available to purchase from www.candyjarbooks.co.uk RRP £6.99.

Order yours today - limited signed copies available!!


The House on March Lane by Michelle Briscombe - Candy Jar Books

Michelle enjoys walking and often takes walking holidays with her family who all have a keen interest in the natural world. The idea for this story came from her son's interest in birds of prey when he was very young.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Swinging London in the 1960s. The Beatles are bigger than Jesus, and a generation of British bands are revolutionising music, fashion and sex. Their names are the stuff of legend: The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones.
And Roger J Simmonds.
You may not have heard of him, but Roger’s story has more famous faces than the cover of Sergeant Pepper. One of rock’s great nearly men, Roger has released his autobiography Standing on the Sidelines, detailing the highs and lows of a tumultuous and amazing pop career. 

From early days in Wales, Roger’s life has been a rock ’n’ rollercoaster of a journey. Highlights of his remarkable career include playing the 2is club in Soho at the height of its popularity, being part of the only Welsh group to play The Cavern Club, working alongside the influential record producer Joe Meek, getting drunk with The Krays, and being present when Tom Jones got his name. He also spent time with one of the Great Train Robbers; one of two people who Roger believes was never caught by the police. 

Standing by the Sidelines captures the glamour and sleaze, the hedonism and idealism, the sights, smells and, most importantly, the sounds of a music scene that changed the world.

Roger, who later toured with The Honeycombs, feels that now is the right time to tell his story. He says: “With the introduction of iTunes and Spotify things have changed in the industry; it’s becoming increasingly difficult for young performers to get a record contract. I’ve written my book for all those aspiring pop stars. Things can difficult, but can also be great if you persevere.” 

Roger’s first brush with stardom came when he was almost being signed by Larry Parnes. Roger continues: “At the time I was sixteen, but for some reason I was pretending to be fourteen. Unfortunately Larry was looking for someone seventeen or over. I confessed that I was actually seventeen but it was too late. Had I been honest about my age I may have had my break there and then.”

Despite this Roger’s career began to take off, and he spent time with some of the most influential performers in the music industry including George Harrison, David Bowie, Brian Jones and latterly Shakin’ Stevens, who he managed before he was famous. Roger says: “Under the name R J Hightower I released God Is Love. This was sold across Europe and in America. Saying that, my career was difficult at times, but I never gave up, although I did come quite close on occasions.”

Standing on the Sidelines also explores the darker side of show business – where sleeping rough, hiding from the police, suffering from acute meningitis, suicidal thoughts, and the occasional sex party add colour to an extraordinary story of determination and survival.  

Roger says: “Often things got quite bleak. To save money I decided to spend a few nights at the railway station. It was quite common for struggling musicians to choose either Euston or Kings Cross to spend the night. I also worked with Freddie Mills and Joe Meek, but sadly they were both consumed by the industry. Joe shot himself after shooting his landlady, and Freddie was shot in the eye whilst sitting in his car at the rear of his club.”

Roger also had a strong working relationship with John Christian Dee, a relatively successful 1960s song writer, and although together they got into scrapes worthy of Del Boy, they enjoyed working together. However this relationship brought Roger into contact with singer and hostess Janie Jones, the subject of a sex and cash payola scandal. Roger says: “Janie, who was married to John, used to hold these lavish parties. It was the place to be seen. As I would make my way through the throngs of people I would spot famous TV producers, film producers, radio DJs, actors, performers, singers and girls from the Penthouse Club. I had no idea what was going on behind closed doors though.’

Janie was subsequently jailed for her involvement in the scandal and John Christian Dee disappeared. Roger however continued working, touring the country and becoming increasingly disillusioned with the industry. As the 1960s became the 1970s, he started to take stock of his life.

His relationship with his partner Mimi – the daughter of Ali Mohammed Abbas, one of the founders of Pakistan – had broken down. Roger says: “We had taken an incredible journey together, having lived in both luxury accommodation and slum housing. Now we felt it was time to concentrate on our children.”

Click here to buy a copy. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Today is the day where Queen Elizabeth II becomes not only the longest reigning monarch in British history, but the first to reach the age of 90. Massive congratulations are in order!

Lovely author and passionate Royal-watcher Colin Edwards has been making the headlines too this week, and even made a television appearance in BBC documentary "The Day I Met the Queen" lead by Aled Jones, in the run up to the historic event of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday today!

Credit: ITV Cymru

Over the past thirty years, Colin has met the Queen hundreds of times and has taken over six thousand of snaps of her. Colin is a familiar face to many members of the Royal Family, and was always referred to by name by Princess Diana - "Boys, come and meet my friend Colin!"

Colin says: “You’ve got to have a lot of stamina and be prepared to wait for hours sometimes, standing behind the barriers at the front. The Queen has obviously got to know me very well now, and she will come over and have a few words.”

Photograph from A Personal Portrait of the Royal Family

From these warm interactions, Colin has collected an impressive touching and honest portfolio of photographs, capturing a more personal and natural side to the Royal Family, displayed in his book published in 2014, A Personal Portrait of the Royal Family.

Colin continues: “My photographs are different because, unlike the paparazzi and professionally taken photographs, these were taken for my own pleasure. Yes I am an amateur, but my photographs benefit from that, they capture Her Majesty’s informality”

Credit: Ian Lang (Twitter)

In celebration of the historic 90th birthday, Colin is hosting a fortnight-long photography exhibition in his home town of Ruthin in North Wales, where he's displaying previously unseen photographs of Queen Elizabeth.

He also was interviewed by Aled Jones in a BBC five-part documentary “The Day I Met the Queen” which started on April 18th, and he has written a poem for the Queen which he sent to Windsor Castle as a birthday present, as is his tradition. Colin's photograph exhibition marking the Diamond Jubilee in 2000 was even attended by the Queen Mother herself (albeit with a few bodyguards as +1s)

“The Queen Mother attended my exhibition to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee accompanied by several bodyguards. She stayed admiring my photographs for nearly an hour, and she even signed my guest book. I think that, after all my interactions with her and her family over the years, it was her way of saying ‘thank you’. That was probably the highlight of my life.”

Candy Jar wishes a Happy 90th Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and many more!

A Personal Portrait of the Royal Family is a Candy Jar Books publication, and is available to purchase now directly from Candy Jar and to order from at all good retailers.

A Personal Portrait of the Royal Family

A familiar face at royal events, Colin Edwards, has collated his vast collection of photographs of the Royal Family to create a new book. Featuring never-before-seen images of Her Majesty The Queen, The Queen Mother and Diana, Princess of Wales a public events, the author also provides emotive, personal accounts of his meetings with the Royals.

The House on March Lane - out now!

Happy Publication Day Michelle Briscombe!!

We're incredibly pleased to officially release Michelle's latest endeavour, The House on March Lane. 

Full to the brim with mystery and ghostly goings-on, The House on March Lane is the second children's fiction novel from Barry author Michelle, and with an beautifully created cover by the wonderfully talented illustrator Hannah Peck, we're  proud to release this book to you!
With a cover that pulls you in to the mystery that lies behind the door, you won't be able to resist opening the book and taking that first step in to the story.

In 1836, Harriet’s papa, a ship’s officer on HMS Beagle, returns from a long journey at sea. On his arrival home, Harriet and her friend Lily become involved in a dangerous secret with tragic consequences.

Almost two centuries later, Flora’s best friend Archie experiences a ghostly encounter at her dad’s reclamation and salvage yard.

The haunting takes the two friends on a detective adventure with a difference, and leads them to an unexpected and supernatural discovery.

Flora and Archie & Harriet and Lily’s lives are soon entwined in a way that they could never have imagined possible.

The House on March Lane follows Michelle's first novel Silent Mountain, also published by Candy Jar Books. The story followed the adventures of Jack Jupiter, a hero with a difference. Readers who enjoyed Silent Mountain have been waiting for Michelle's return to children's fiction, and The House on March Lane is absolutely Michelle back with a bang.

Michelle Briscombe was born in Cardiff but now lives in Barry, South Wales, with her two children and husband. For the last twelve years she has worked in a primary school in the Vale of Glamorgan and is currently undertaking her final year for a BA in Primary Education.

If you want to find out more about Michelle, you can find her on Author Hotline, or follow her Twitter @MichelleBrisc.

If you love Hannah's artwork as much as we do, you can find her on Twitter and Instagram, and check out her website.

The House on March Lane, Michelle Briscombe
Cover work by Hannah Peck
ISBN: 978-0-9933221-2-9
RRP: £6.99
The House on March Lane is available to buy directly from Candy Jar Books, Amazon and all good retailers.
This title is available from Marstons, Bertrams and Gardners, as are all of our titles.



Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Search For Mister Lloyd by Griff Rowland shortlisted for Tir Na n-Og Award

Big News! The Search For Mister Lloyd by Griff Rowland has been shortlisted for the Tir na n-Og Awards 2016. We couldn't be prouder!

The Welsh Books Council has announced the titles on the shortlist of the prestigious Tir na n-Og Awards for 2016. The awards celebrate a special 40th birthday this year and there is much excitement surrounding the announcement of the winning title.

This year’s shortlisted titles for the Best English-language Book with an authentic Welsh background, as chosen by the awarding panel are:

The Search for Mister Lloyd – Griff Rowland (Candy Jar Books)
Longbow Girl – Linda Davies (Chicken House)
The Four Branches of the Mabinogi – Siân Lewis (author) and Valériane Leblond (illustrator) (Rily)
Ruck in the Muck – Ceri Wyn Jones (Gomer)

Bethan M. Hughes, Reading Services Manager at Denbighshire Libraries and Chair of the English-language Selection Panel, said: “The panel was pleased with the general standard of the output, with particular praise for the physical quality and design of the selected titles. We were delighted to agree on a shortlist which provides for the widest age range, from a picture book to young adult fiction.”

The Search for Mister Lloyd by Griff Rowland (Candy Jar Books) tells the tale of Mostyn Price’s attempts to find his racing pigeon, Mister Lloyd, which failed to return from a race. Full of rich language and creative images, this is a pacy modern quest story full of emotional peaks and troughs. Told from different narrative viewpoints, it intrigues and engages the reader from the outset with its chatty direct style which cleverly parodies old public information films and modern online chat. It explores family relationships, especially the role of the father figure, and the support and loyalty of friendships. Set in both Bangor and London, it weaves Welsh phrases and names effortlessly into the narrative. This is a novel which makes you laugh one minute and which tugs at your heartstrings the next, full of memorable scenes and dilemmas.

Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Books Council, said: “It’s more important than ever that publications for children and young people are exciting, attractive and of the highest quality. This is the way to attract children and to ensure that they become lifetime readers. The Tir na n-Og Awards, for Welsh and English books from Wales, have an obvious role in exhibiting and promoting the best in the field and we congratulate the authors, illustrators and publishers who have reached this year’s shortlist.”

The Tir na n-Og Awards were established in 1976 with the intention of raising the standards of children’s and young people’s books in Wales, and to encourage the buying and reading of good books. Three awards are presented annually by the Books Council and are sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Cymru/Wales and Cymdeithas Lyfrau Ceredigion.

Also highly commended by the 2016 judging panel were:
· White Petals by Maria Grace (Firefly Press)
· Mo Can’t Go by Rob Lewis (Pont Books)
· Elen’s Island by Eloise Williams (Firefly Press)

Full details and reviews of the books can be viewed on www.gwales.com.

Woo! We're so pleased that The Search For Mister Lloyd has been recognised for its quality, creativity and all around greatness. A massive congratulations to the talented author Griff Rowland.

The name of the winner of the English-language award will be announced at a special event at Swansea Library during the CILIP Cymru Library and Information Conference on Thursday, 26 May.

The full Press Release can be found here

We'll be keeping our fingers crossed!

The Search For Mister Lloyd, Griff Rowland
ISBN: 9780993119170
RRP: £7.99

The Search For Mister Lloyd is out now and available from the Candy Jar webstore and other good retailers.

Check out the GWALES review of The Search For Mister Lloyd here

Monday, 4 April 2016

The House on March Lane by Michelle Briscombe: Now available to pre-order

Candy Jar Books is releasing the much awaited second book from Michelle Briscombe, author of Silent Mountain and Literature Wales Writers Bursary recipient of 2015. The House on March Lane is here, and the cover has finally been revealed! 

Following her first book featuring Jack Jupiter, a normal boy on a not so normal adventure, readers have been waiting with baited breath for Michelle's return to fiction. After Silent Mountain's Tir na n-Og award nomination, as well as it being the book of choice for the winning school of Bookslam 2014, we're certainly not the only ones who have been dying to see what other stories Michelle has to tell, and with The House on March Lane she definitely hasn't disappointed...

In 1836, Harriet's papa, a ship's officer on HMS Beagle, returns from a long journey at sea.

On his arrival home, Harriet and her friend Lily become involved in a dangerous secret with tragic consequences.

Almost two centuries later, Flora's best friend Archie experiences a ghostly encounter at her dad's reclamation and salvage yard.

The haunting takes the two friends on a detective adventure with a difference, and leads them to an unexpected and supernatural discovery.

Flora and Archie & Harriet and Lily's lives are soon entwined in a way that they could never have imagined possible.

With an elegant and and gorgeously eery design by the incredibly talented illustrator Hannah Peck, we are so excited to finally be able to reveal this new cover!

The House on March Lane is out April 21st, currently available to pre-order on the Candy Jar Store and Amazon.

Check out Hannah's other beautiful work on her Instagram and at www.hannahpeckillustration.com.

The House on March Lane by Michelle Briscombe
ISBN: 978-0993322129
RRP: £7.99
            Michelle Briscombe was born in Cardiff but now lives in Barry, South Wales, with her two children and husband. For the last twelve years she has worked in a primary school in the Vale of Glamorgan and is currently undertaking her final year for a BA in Primary Education.

Keep up to date by following us @Candy_Jar, see what Michelle's up to @MichelleBrisc and have a peek at Hannah's latest creations @hpillustration_

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Brian Moses @ Chiddingstone Literary Festival 2016

Our fabulous author Brian Moses is set to appear in the event line-up at Chiddingstone Literary Festival this coming May with his childhood autobiography. 

Organised over the May Bank Holiday, this year will mark the first Chiddingstone Literature Festival, set in the iconic Chiddingstone Castle, Kent. Local author and poet Brian Moses, a tireless and passionate advocate for spreading his love of poetry and literature to children across the nation, will be appearing on Monday 2nd May talking life, love and growing up on the sea-side, as well as performing his performance poetry workshop “The Alternative 3Rs – Rap, Rhythm and Rhyme”.

This Bank Holiday workshop will see Brian performing a few of his best-loved poems including Shopping Trolley, The Ssssnake Hotel, Billy’s Coming Back and his well-known hit Walking With My Iguana – the most listened to poem on The Poetry Archive – as well sharing some of his favourite parts from his childhood memoir Keeping Clear of Paradise Street which tells the tale of exactly what he got up to growing up in 1950s Ramsgate.

As always, we're super proud to see Brian heading off to entertain the masses with his charming words, and with a resume of over 3000 school visits throughout his career, we know that his will not be an event to miss out on!

The events will be taking place in quite a location; the impressive Chiddingstone Castle in Kent is sure to offer excellent acoustics for Brian's percussive poetry.

See the full schedule for Chiddingstone Literary Festival here, and tickets for Brian's event are available online: www.chiddingstonecastle.org.uk/literary-festival

If you want to get ahead of the game, Brian's book Keeping Clear of Paradise Street is out now and available from the Candy Jar webstore, as well as other good retailers. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Are today's children mollycoddled?

When you think about your childhood, what are the memories that stand out most? 

These days, the average child spends less than half an hour a week playing outside; a third of children have never climbed a tree and only 10% walk to school. And yet study after study has confirmed the benefits of children spending time, unsupervised, in the great outdoors.

Brian Moses' childhood was, well, somewhat different: “I would be shooed out of the house in the morning, not to be been seen again until mealtimes. Between those times, I was effectively free to do whatever I liked, whether shutting down the street with impromptu go kart races, terrorising the park keeper in pursuit of conkers, or letting freshly caught crabs run havoc across the sea front."

Brian, one of Britain's most loved poets, is hoping that his newest book Keeping Clear of Paradise Street will help parents re-examine their own childhood adventures. He believes that the great outdoors can be beneficial to young minds.

The Ramsgate writer and poet, with over 200 published works, has now written his childhood autobiography. Keeping Clear of Paradise Street is a heart-warming coming-of-age story that transports the reader back to 1950s Ramsgate, and the tail-end of the golden age of the British seaside.

As a former teacher and frequent speaker at educational conferences – with more than a million book sales to his name – Brian feels it’s time to revisit his Ramsgate childhood. His book is aimed principally at children, but nostalgic adults will find his stories of equal interest. Covering universal themes such as first days at schools, first loves, bullying and teenage mischief, Keeping Clear of Paradise Street is a timeless account of the trials and tribulations of growing up.

In the last 30 years Brian has visited more than 3000 schools and has seen fads come and go, but he believes children have stayed the same.

“The current generation gets a lot of flak for just wanting to sit inside and play video games all day. But I think this a symptom of parenting. Often, these days, parents are so wary of letting their kids out their sight. My book urges these parents to set their children free. In the 1950s and 60s, my friends and I would invent games for ourselves to play, and our success in these games would depend on our own imaginations.

“Of course, it’s important that children are always safe. However, keeping a child physically active is also important for their long-term emotional wellbeing: a child who regularly plays outside is likely to be more sociable, self-sufficient and self-disciplined than one who is instead kept inside and under supervision.”

Keeping Clear of Paradise Street is out now, available from the Candy Jar webstore and other good retailers. 

Brian Moses is available for interviews and appearances.

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